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Why Buy Tight-Lock from “ North American Metal Inc. “

Why Buy Tight-Lock from “North American Metal, Inc.“

Because…. If an easy to install, top quality, standing seam panel at a good price, backed up by the best customer service in the industry is important to you, then you can’t afford not to use it.

Ease of Installation

  • 12” Tight-Lock Starter Panel ( Patent #09291821 ) – Simply place the starter panel in the middle of your run and begin installing panels from each side.

  • Now you can have two crews working on the same section of roof – Your job will get done twice as fast.
  • The hassle of lining up small hip & valley pieces is eliminated – Roofs will never come out crooked again.
  • NO CLIPS REQUIRED – One inch screw flange available with or without expansion slots.

Quality Product

  • Grizzly Shield 3000TM Paint system – 10 Colors.
  • Provides the ultimate in stain, abrasion, and slip resistance – Backed up by a real 25 year warranty.


The ultimate in metal roofing – for the customer that demands the best.

Customer Service

North American Metal, Inc is locally owned & operated- not a small piece of an internationally owned conglomerate we care about you the customer!

We will do what it takes to make sure your needs are met, and your questions are answered.